Communication is the key to the world

Unite’s utmost aim is to help us understand each other better. This applies equally to the acoustic improvement of speech intelligibility, ease of use and range of applications.

Unite is the digital wireless communication system from beyerdynamic that allows people to communicate and interact with each other. This digital platform opens up whole new possibilities for improved dialogue between people, regardless of when, where and how they wish to communicate. Unite connects people – even over larger distances, language barriers or with sensory disabilities.

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The modern, future-proof transmission platform in DECT standard means the system can be used without certification and licence fees. You need not worry about frequencies as the system itself automatically controls robust and encrypted transmission. This allows up to 32 groups to be integrated in parallel, and its wide operating range and long operating time offer completely stable transmission conditions.

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Unlimited options​​​​​​​

The developers’ intention was to bring together as many communicative applications in one system as possible. It was their great vision to bring a true master of transformation to life. Because conventional systems can only cover one application. Unite, on the other hand, combines a wide and constantly increasing range of uses in one system. With updates and upgrades, as well as its configurability, the system is alive to your every need. In this way, Unite’s superiority becomes more and more obvious.




Let’s talk about earning money and investing money. Unite opens the door for new and numerous sources of revenue, because one system flexibly covers a variety of applications. As such, your range of services automatically increases and you can expand your customer base. An investment in the several different systems it would require to open up this large number of new sources of revenue would be much higher than an investment in Unite. You will therefore achieve a new level of efficiency and effectiveness with Unite. In addition, servicing, maintenance, expansions, updates, upgrades, and everything else will only have to be carried out on one system in future. Moreover, there are no running costs for frequencies because the DECT Standard utilised by Unite is not only registration free but also licence free. It thus becomes clear that choosing Unite is of great benefit for everyone.




Things become really complex and complicated precisely when they should just be simple. One of the biggest challenges in development is to implement this in terms of both the user and the person responsible for IT. Simplicity is not just a matter of operation; it also applies to the planning phase, acquisition and initial operation. We firmly believe in simplicity and have taken it very seriously – because, in the end, whether or not a system conquers hearts comes down to day-to-day operations.




In times like these, security is a central topic in many respects. The DECT technology’s operational reliability, future-proofing and protection against unauthorised listening are part of this. We offer not only 256-bit encryption, but also go beyond this and ensure the highest level of speech intelligibility in all situations. We are leaving nothing to chance: the system also makes it possible to fulfill §9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This ensures that every person can acoustically participate in the lives of all other people.




Innovation is constant and consistent renewal. Unite now makes bi-directional communication possible. In this way, a monologue becomes a dialogue and defines a new standard. Intelligent DSP algorithms improve the microphone signal with great agility even before the digital signal is wirelessly transmitted. The new, automatic microphone sensitivity combined with noise-cancelling technology is far above average. Not forgetting that state-of-the-art interfaces such as Dante, USB and Bluetooth® are of course included. The automatic frequency management is emblematic of the decision to choose the Unite system, because it always makes the best decision for the user.

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