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TG I53


هزینه حمل و نقل : هزینه ارسال در تهران ۳۰ هزار تومان و در شهرستان ‌ها ۴۰ هزار تومان است.

زمان ارسال : سفارشات تهران در اولین روز کاری و سفارشات شهرستان ۷۲ ساعت کاری پس از ثبت سفارش ارسال می شود.

در انبار موجود نمی باشد

Flexible instrument microphone

Inconspicuously small, but incredibly robust thanks to its carbon-fibre-reinforced housing, the TG I53 is a flexible companion for work on stage and anywhere else. Its broad transmission range and its true-to-life reproduction make it the perfect choice for a wide range of uses. Its soft treble boost enables the condenser microphone to excel when it is used with the acoustic guitar, transverse flute and clarinet. It is also the microphone of choice for overhead uses with drums or on the hi-hat – this is why it is also a member of our successful drum sets (Drum Set Pro M/L).

TG I53 Stereo set

The I53 also comes packaged as a set. This matched stereo pair opens the way for professional stereo recordings – transport case included.